VIP Live Casino Games Review

Evolution gaming has been offering VIP tables to all players. This is an elite form of online gambling, and it involves only the best resources and the environments. Of course, players have a lot of possibilities, and they are welcome to try new things daily. But there are a few tables that are the most appealing now. VIP Live Casino Games are really taking off, lets take a look at you options.

Live Casino Games SALON PRIVÉ

This is the first VIP Live casino games table on our list. It offers an elegant and sleek environment and one-to-one gaming experience. It means that you will be alone at the table, alongside the dealer. Here you can explore and play two types of roulette and three types of blackjack. The limits are different, and they depend on each version of the game.

Live Casino Games VIP Roulette

VIP LIVE ROULETTE. Here is the table for roulette enthusiasts only. Here you can play French and European types of roulette. The environment is mostly red, and this is an appealing place for high rollers.

VIP SLINGSHOT AUTO ROULETTE. An exciting alternative is this one. There is no dealer involved and between 60 and 80 games are provided per an hour. It is fast-paced roulette table with high stakes. It is available 24 hours per a day.

VIP Roulette

Live Casino Games VIP Blackjack

DIAMOND VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. It is probably the best place for blackjack players. It is appealing to the lack of a better word, and it can make a difference. We liked the environment and the variations of the game available.

GRAND VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. Some of you will like the red and gold theme that is implemented here. Live dealers and high stakes are familiar so be well-prepared. At the moment it is the trendy place to play blackjack.

PLATINUM VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. The live casino game offers you a possibility top spread the bet over multiple tables. At the same time, this is a fast-paced blackjack so it will be more than just appealing to some of you. The live dealer who is professional is always included.

VIP Blackjack

FORTUNE VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. The table is identical to the previous one, but it is more focused on the high-rollers. We should add that it is a great place to play the game and it is sophisticated.

SILVER VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. A modern and desirable form of live blackjack is this one. There are two tables available for you 12 hours per a day.

VIP LIVE BLACKJACK. For those who want to play live blackjack at any given moment, this environment is the best. It is sleek and elegant, and it is available 24/7/365.
Here we must add the fact that the minimum bets are versatile and they depend on each table. On the other hand, the maximum bets are regulated by the law, so they cannot be changed.

Players who want to elevate their gaming experience to the next level definitely should try VIP versions of the live casino games available from Evolution Gaming. They are elegant, player-focused and they are just the best when it comes to enjoying the play time. We can deduce that these are the ultimate versions of the games for the professionals and those who will become.

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