Why Are You Playing Roulette Wrong?

Has the game of Roulette been unfavourable in your odds? Has the roulette ball bounced off your number and landed on the very next third time in a row? After multiple unsuccessful rounds at the table have you completely given up, cursing your “luck”?

Well, to let you know, the game of Roulette is not just about a player’s luck. Surely, some days of betting are meant for you, and some aren’t. But a professional Roulette player knows how to transform his/her bad days to win big skilfully. In this article, we will guide you through some of the common Roulette mistakes made by beginners and how to avoid them.


Whilst agreeing on the exciting and intoxicating appeal of the game, it is however not prudent to be too eager to jump right in the game without a proper plan. Before starting the game, it is mandatory for a player to set a budget according to which he/she will play. Without having a fixed budget, divulging into the real game involving money can prove to be a huge mistake. Thus, prior to the start of the game take out time to allocate a budget for yourself and adhere to it at all cost.

Playing American Roulette

Most beginners usually are not familiar with the different types of Roulette games in both the online as well as the real casino. In order to increase their odds at winning a successful hand, players must always play on a European Roulette and avoid American Roulette at all times. This is because, the American Roulette with an additional 38th number pocket of 00, increases your chance of losing by almost double than that in the European Roulette.

Using Betting System Like the Martingale

Many frustrated Roulette players fall prey to the vast number of betting systems available in the market that promise a guaranteed win. These betting systems, however mathematically possible they might be, can not alter the outcome of the wheel’s spin. The Martingale Strategy, for example, is theoretically possible on paper but if one doubles all lost bets, he/she would go bankrupt soon.Thus, it is futile for any player to waste money on such crafty claims made by these strategists. Only by understanding the rules and the intricate mechanism of odds in roulette can a player expect to win.


Whoever said that Roulette table has no place for emotions was one hundred percent right. Most beginners crack under their emotional weight and end up making stupid decisions. These decisions can be playing the stake in every bet or betting entire money on a single round; these decisions would inevitably reduce your odds of winning. Roulette requires a calm and a strategic mindset that can maneuver through any difficulty.

Despite being regarded as a fairly simple betting game, these mistakes can result in a player losing a huge amount of money. Now that we have let you in on the commonly made Roulette mistakes, you can plan your next game accordingly and increase your chances of winning that big shot.

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