NetEnt Live Roulette

Amongst a number of available casino games online and offline, Roulette never fails to be the favorite of all casino players. It is by far the most popular game in all types of casinos. Thus, to get the live feel of a real casino game, NetEnt’s Live Roulette would help you feel the same online. If you visit the NetEnt website you can play free roulette to practice. Live Roulette allows you to follow your own style by the availability of a number of adjustable options. Live Roulette gives you the perfect casino environment and brings the best out of you in the game.

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How to Play NetEnt Live Roulette

The game has a live dealer as a host. You will get the participants who are closest to the experience as of yours. The viewing angle is available as to options i.e. the angle as per the dealer’s view and the angle as per the roulette wheel view.

The game is played in exactly similar to that played in offline or the land-based casinos. Initially, you need to put your chip on a set of numbers or a single number. The ball is then rolled by the host in the Roulette wheel. The number on which the ball stops becomes the winning one.

Now, for the process of betting, it starts by inviting the players to make their bets by the dealer. The bets are to be made within the allotted time in the betting layout. The timer begins soon after the players are asked to bet. After the time is up, the dealer rolls the ball into the Roulette wheel and announces the closure of bet placements. The bet values are thus subtracted from the accounts of all the players after which when the ball settles into a pocket, the number that wins is announced and thus the rewards are paid out.

How to Win NetEnt Live Roulette

Netent Live Roulette can be won by using some strategies. But these strategies need a lot of your patience and attention. The online casino Roulette comes with the advantage of unlimited free spins for the game. So you need to stay calm and attentively observe the behavior of your fellow players and mend your strategy accordingly. Some of the famous strategies used by the players include a progressive betting system and a collision game against the live dealer. Both strategies are poles apart but yet have given positive results to the users. You need to keep an eye on the availability of bonus rounds and offers that might come around.

The game also allows you to place your bets fast by a feature called Race Track. Also, there is a dynamic billboard for the game which maintains the statistics. This can help you a lot in deciding what number to choose next.

NetEnt Live Roulette Game

The game is an amazing experience on its own. It is perfectly designed to give you the best feel of a real casino Roulette online. Its easily customizable features help you change the environment as per your requirement. All the new and advanced features also help in making this Roulette game a worthwhile game.

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